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Do Looks Matter in Online Facebook Dating?

Yes, if you’re a woman. As you’re quite aware, looks are the most important factor to us menfolk when we are looking to meet girls online. There’s a reason that most pornography used by men is visual, either pictures or video. Most of us require a great personality in our lady companions as well, but without her looks we don’t care too much about her personality. Don’t beat yourself up about it, that’s just how things are.

The fundamental sexual difference between women and men is that men are turned on visually, and women are turned on through language and emotion. It’s hard for us to grasp this, since we can’t really relate, so deep down inside most of us think that our looks matter. Women hardly care what we look like. They do care about how well groomed we are and how we dress, because they read into these things as indicators of our personality. They’re usually right, which is why it’s important to be well groomed and do dress in a way that refects your personality.

There are good looking men, bad looking men, and average looking men. 90% of men are average looking, which is good enough. Five percent are so good looking that women consider them rare and will be unduly attracted to them, and 5% are bad enough looking that they will start off at a disadvantage (this is hardly insurmountable – I’ve seen some extremely ugly guys gain success).

The one signifcant advantage that good looking guys have over us average guys is that they think looks are important, and know that they are good looking. This typically breeds a very confident attitude, which is extremely sexy to women. This confdence attracts women, which they chalk up to their natural good looks, and thus the myth is perpetuated. One very strange phenomenon that I and others have noticed is that when facebook girls are attracted to you because of your game, they will think that you are physically attractive. Guys have a hard time judging how attractive each other are because 90% of us fit in that middle category).
Once I became a member on, I started getting compliments like they were going out of fashion. Facebook Girls would tell me how hot I was. When they were to guess what my job was, many would guess model!

How To Pickup Girls on Facebook.

One of the most important things you’ll find in online pickup is that you must encourage the women on Facebook to chase you. Too often men try to play the role of romantic pursuer, only to get resented and left for a man she can chase after. This is unattractive behavior and is sure to turn any woman off. My female friends frequently laugh with me about guys who go overboard trying to pursue her. When she can’t get the guy, she can’t stop telling me how amazing he is.

The obvious answer is to act like she’s chasing you. This is completely effective when done properly, but most people do it so poorly that it is worse than just chasing her in the first place. As an example, let’s say you wanted to ask a girl on Facebook to a date. A typical guy might say, “Could I take you out to dinner some time?” This is an awful thing to say because it implies that spending time with her is some great privilege, which indicates that you are not worth her time.

The typical guy who’s trying to act like he’s being chased might take things to an extreme and say something like, “I know you want to go out with me, so if I can make time on my schedule, we can have dinner some time.” This may sound ridiculous, but I’ve seen many guys say inane things like this. She knows that you want to go out with her too, so taking it to this extreme is setting yourself up for disaster. Better is something more subtle, like “Hey, if we’re both free this weekend, we should hang out.”

This shows interest, but the “we’re both free” is so casual that it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to indicate that you’re busy. The statement also doesn’t show much
enthusiasm – in fact it’s more like conversation between two friends.

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